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Welcome to C.S. Goodale!

The C.S. Goodale Company is the largest supplier of material handling and storage products in San Diego, and we have been serving the community since 1954. We are capable of meeting all of your requirements that could range from a single section of shelving to a fully automated material handling system.
We are confident you will appreciate the value added service that we supply to all of our customers. When you compare the quality of our products, the quality of our service, and our competitive prices, we are confident that you will agree that you will receive the best value for your money invested in products and services purchased from C.S. Goodale Co.
Browse through our links, review the specs, choose your design. If you have any questions or are ready to place your order, contact us by:
  • phone (619-987-9488)
  • email: info@csgoodale.com
  • remit to: PO Box 756, Oceanside, CA 92049–0756
We look forward to helping you with your required needs.

Mission Statement

We believe in the free enterprise system that is based on the competitive market and private ownership of property. We believe that we have a place in the system as long as we perform a service for one or more elements of the system. Our reward for performance takes the form of profit, and the amount of profit we make is directly related to how well we perform our service.
Within this competitive framework, we believe in equality of opportunity for all regardless of race, creed, color, or religion.
We believe in the inherent dignity of the individual. Consequently, we believe that everybody is entitled to be treated with courtesy, respect, and fairness.
We believe in compassion for the unfortunate; and because business is the only truly innovative force in our society, we believe we should actively participate in voluntary charity organizations that aim to relieve the plight of those less fortunate than we.
We believe that the basic ingredient for survival in business is honesty in all dealings - both internal and external. Integrity in business is built and earned over a long period of time through prompt honoring of commitments and fair dealing with all.
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